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Default Re: It's trend to hate DC. All the cool kids ate hating DC now

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
People don't hate DC itself, most are just frustrated by what WB is doing with their connected universe. And why should they now be labeled as trolls or made fun of? Outside of Superman and Batman the other JL members haven't really been made justice in the past few years or even given an above average film.

Fans of Wonder Woman, a character that is possibly the most iconic female hero of the comics and usually sold as part of DC's Trinity, have had to sit on various excuses for why a film based on her hasn't been made yet, and now the character's first official cinematic appearance is as a side character in a Superman vs Batman film, portrayed by an actress that from the films i've seen her in, seems very limited, not to mention that her body type's not one to gain muscle that easily.

WW should arguably get the same treatment Superman and Batman got with an A-List film and actress with more potencial that looks more like Wonder Woman (and no, i'm not talking about boobs, i'm talking about actually selling a woman with a body type that isn't your run of the mill model). If you don't see any reason that could frustrate a fan then i don't know what more to say about the subject.

There is also the fact that many weren't all that happy with The Man of Steel, some don't even like Zack Snyder's filmmaking, so it's difficult for a lot of opinions to change with Superman vs Batman. Many were also not happy with the portrayal of Superman in that movie, or the style becoming more like Nolan's when Marvel is bringing strong films that are brighter and more fun, pretty much how Superman is usually portrayed.

From the coments in Zack Snyder's part, some also get the idea that he's actually more interested in Batman, with his statement, that he's using The Dark Knight Returns as inspiration and consulting Frank Miller, adding more fuel into the fire. TKR didn't portray Superman in the best light, and Miller himself has become more Batmaniac over the past few years.

Respect that there are a lot of people that aren't liking the way their favorite characters are being portrayed in film or the minds behind the making of it. Not everybody is hating for the sake of it, and even some critics that could care less about comics, like Redlettermedia, are s*****g on DC's decisions and how they think Marvel is doing it better.
Some very valid points in particular about WB and their treatment of Wonder Woman. Even in the most recent interview with ZS he was gushing over Batman and Superman and when he mentioned Wonder Woman it was like "yeah we also have Wonder Woman". A complete afterthought.

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