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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - - - - Part 17

Originally Posted by lujho View Post
I always feel like the original cowls weren't *meant* to be quite that big and chunky, it's just the best they could do. I feel like in 89 they were really trying for that Neal Adams look but they just couldn't quite get there. I feel like you could do a really sleek, slim 89 inspired cowl in silicone or something these days.
I think it came down to technical restrictions .. More about the core and the negative mold.. And getting the casting off of the core. The neck area of the core was thickened to allow the head to fit through the neck area upon removal and demold.

Silicone, well it is a lot heavier.. And doesn't breathe well at all. When it is softened, it can also have problems with memory of shape, and it wants to stretch and deform.

For TDK & TDKR, they went to a light weight urethane.. Which is still heavier than foam and does not move well.

I still think that foam is the way to go.. Just needs to be handles well with the technical side of things. The core becomes the issue, and planning for the removal of the casting. The core needs to be more than one piece. A lot of technical mumbo jumbo.. But I think that that has been the major hurdle.

See if they can sort that one out this time.

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