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Default Re: The Director of THOR 3

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
As always, I want to see Guillermo Del Toro do this one. As much as I disliked Pacific Rim, I blame bad acting and since Thor/Loki/Odin are already cast that shouldn't be any issue.

Besides, take the best moments from the colossal battles in Pacific Rim and apply them to Thor vs Surtur. You could have a really awesome David v Goliath moment.

I know some people see it as a little uninspired, but I think GDT or even Peter Jackson would be great, IF they had a passion/vision for the character. Even if marvel goes more outside-the-box than this, these are definitely the types of directors that Marvel needs to be courting.

And my dream version of Thor 3 definitely includes a towering Surtur, as in the pic you posted.

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