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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Thread

Originally Posted by MrsKent26 View Post
It's decent. Not bad, but not great either. The writing and the whole "critique of sexist ideas while pandering to those who have such ideas" is the issue. Zack tried to go deeper with this movie, but failed. It just comes off as hot chicks fighting robots in school girl outfits.
As I said, I was going off the last couple pages of posts, in which your only critique was stated above... going by this you did not get it. No ill will intended, I did not intend to pick on any one person, and if that was all you saw in the film then no wonder you didn't like it. If that's all I saw it to be, I would be stating the same thing.
If you meant to say something other than the above to reflect how you got Sucker Punch according to what Zack stated he was trying to do with the film, then I am sorry I missed wherever you typed such a thing.
This is not directed to you specifically, most of the non-likers posted similar quick dismissals of the movie for very superficial reasons, showing they did not get the film at all.
The best I can offer is how I saw the film, if that helps seeing the various points of view on the subject.

I saw Sucker Punch as the story of a girl who failed in an effort to protect her sister from a sexually abusive father figure that was thrust upon them by tragic circumstances. She was not only blamed and institutionalized by that abusive father figure, but also self-blamed for her sister's end. To cope with the horrible world within the institution of more abusive males in charge, and also to cope with what she has lived through so far, her mind creates quite fantastical layers of imagination that her and her new cohabitants exist within. Her fantastical imaginary world even within a slightly imaginary world, is displayed to us in an amazing visionary I see as a live action version of some pretty cool anime at that last layer of coping. One coping world is the implied sex club(just a tad step up from the institution, so level 1 of coping), which actually is not fully shown thankfully due to the interjection of the next coping world done in the anime style. The skimpy outfits, schoolgirl(which is befitting a very young looking little girl nicknamed BabyDoll) or otherwise, are very superficial to what each of those characters accomplish in that last layer imaginary world, where they can be at their most confident and powerful.
As you I'm sure know women at their most confident and secure level in their own bodies will wear things much more revealing compared to when they are at a lower confidence. As much as some prefer to superficially focus on outfits in the movie, I do not view that as a problem...there was not one bit of actual nudity or sex even displayed in this movie. And frankly the outfits of the final heroine level were more tasteful than plenty of Wonder Woman outfits that have been penned. In the world of movies, tv, and media in general, EVERYONE prefers to look at aesthetically pleasing people. Man or woman, doesn't matter... and it is proven in studies that even women will gaze longer at an aesthetically attractive woman as long as any man would, if not longer.
In the end the girl, coping in a horrible world with various levels of imagination, finally does sacrifice/redeem herself in saving one of her newly adopted sisters in situation. Her imaginary layers of worlds is ended by the lobotomy, but even in that state we still get to see a tidbit of retribution on another abusive male in the horrible "real" world, as well as a helping hand bus driver to the saved "sister" who just so happens to be a "real" world representation of her only good father figure deep in the most fantastical layer of coping imagination.

That's what I got out of it, and that is why I liked Sucker Punch.
I don't intend to force my view of it on anyone, I'd just prefer if someone asks if they should watch it, that they get more than a quick superficial retort as to why they shouldn't waste their time from only the people who didn't seem to get it the same way I did.

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