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Default Re: Should Batman be portrayed as a Protagonist or Antagonist in this film?

I would love it for them to apply the characterization of the dark knight to this film where Clark, Bruce and Lex would be analogues to Harvey, Bruce and Joker.
Lex is the bad guy who acts as the catalysts for all the movie's major events (just like Ledger's joker); Affleck's Batman is essentially Bale Batman; and superman would the film's version of Harvey (with his role being the MAIN one rather than a supporting one). Now when I compare Clark to Harvey I'm talking about the Harvey that we had in the beginning of the movie, the brave, honest Harvey who inspired Bruce and almost convinced him to give up the cowl and cape since for a little while it appeared that Batman will soon become obsolete in the presence of someone like Dent but sadly Joker ruined everything and drove Harvey mad.
In order to bring out the best in a character like superman you have to emphasize his ability to inspire and give hope thus making good on the promise that they made in MOS.

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