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Default Re: Batman Vs Superman Manips & Art - Part 3

Originally Posted by Asteroid-Man View Post
Let me know if you want the hi-res file or a wallpaper. Formatted for large sized printing:

Great visual, not 100% sold on the tag line. Has anyone suggested "World's Collide" yet?

Perhaps the word "World's" on top of "Finest" with "Collide" cutting through it?

I'm assuming the main header is Man of Steel again, or do you think they'll do a Batman story arc with different titles like Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises?

Man Of Steel 2: World's Collide would be my choice if MoS is kept, as it refers to Bats/Supes but also Earth/Krypton.

No doubt already discussed but just thought it would suit the artwork here.

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