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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by Dispatch Ninja View Post
Please let this be the last scene of the movie
(Bruce has his back to Supes, scowling at the ground; cold. Capes blowing in the dark, only seeing his glowing white eyes)

(Extends his hand)
Kal: Please. I'm asking you one last time...

(Batman doesn't move. Skeptical. Supes keeps his arm extended)

Bats: (low voice) ".. and what makes you think I want to engage hands with you.."

Kal: (pauses; looks down, looks back up. Smiles.) Friend, join me.

(Bats thinks, turns around)
(Superman's arm still extended. They lock eyes.)

Kal: For truth..
Bruce: ..and justice.

/end credits.

The audience explodes into mass craziness and cheers.

Man of Steel: 6
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