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Default Re: The Black Widow Thread

Originally Posted by CB Fan View Post
Not sure why Whedon has such a hard on for that hairstyle on Widow but I don't like it. That said however in Avengers the hair actually looked better on film than in photos so there's that.
The new suit is weird, if they wanted to do something different why not give her the gold bracelets and belt from the comics.
Agreed. My thing with Natasha's hair that Whedon is fond of is that it's dated. It ages her and she's playing a young Natasha. Natasha is edgy and modern and that hairstyle says none of that. It's very domestic looking and that ain't Natasha one bit. I am hoping it looks better onscreen, but they really could do so much better on that front. Hell give her that ponytail from IM2, anything different than what she has. Some men really shouldn't have say over a woman's hairstyle at all.

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