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Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
I never had a problem with it, it makes sense. And I've noticed that most of the complaints about her hair is that it's "ugly." Frankly, I find this to be a really weak complaint. She's a freaking spy, looking sexy should be WAY DOWN on her list of priorities. Functionality and practicality are infinitely more important. That hair from IM 2 didn't make her look like a super-spy, it made her look like a model. Seriously, if you're big complaint is that her hair isn't "sexy" enough, then that's not much of a complaint.
Her being a spy is precisely why she should look sexy. Her job is to infiltrate certain groups and get information out of them. Looking attractive is a huge advantage.

In that sense, her hair is equivalent to Batman's cape. It would get in the way of fighting in real life, but that's not a problem in the context of the fictional universe and serves a theatric function that's key to the way the character presents herself.

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