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Default Re: X-Men Apocalypse News and Discussion

They aren't going to kill off Apocalypse in the 80 's and he will probably have a right hand man, so even if he is the featured villain, 90% sure Sinister will be in.

Plus keep in mind we would've already gotten two trilogies with this plus a Wolverine trilogy. While Wolverine won't be featured here, the other classic X-Men will be featured yet again. While fans are dying to see this, audiences will have seen these characters for four plus movies now. Definitely think they will take a break from the classic lineup. They are not going to rely on a bunch of teeny bopper actors to carry the franchise. They are going to bring in a veteran actor for Cable, Renolds may or may not return, and then you can plug in Tatum for Gambit.

It remains to be seen if the actors cast as Cyke/Jean/Storm are signed for multiple pictures, but I don't expect these characters or at least those versions in X-Force.

I do believe Marsden could return for X-Force, but I think they will go with Cable instead since he's the main guy there.

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