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Default Re: X-Men Apocalypse News and Discussion

The OT cast has shown willing to come back. Besides Hugh jackman they were never intended to be in most screentime of DOFP.

Apocalypse Is already somewhat of a gamble after the event of DOFP of wolverine and other OT actors returning. I don't care how the screentime goes
the OT cast Is being used heavily to promate film.Apocalypse relaying on 4 FCbig guns and newbees Is a bit of gamble after DOFP. which Is why they likely
are trying to get Cahnning Tantum as gambit. X-force Is even more a gamble.No actors or characters familar to GA. A july release date and Fox has very
limited means of promating it. It could do less domesticly than The WOlverine did.

Sony In may 2018 will have eather the snster six or venom spinoff and DIsney Is likely to have third avengers In May and the first Star Wars spinoff film could be In summer 2018. After all that and in release date like the wolverine expecting a film with little known to GA characters.

The idea that fox would retre their familar characters for little known ones is laughable. Why do you think Fox may be doing a time travel caused "Reboot" In DOFP? It's so they can keep films going with recasted familar characters.

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