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Default Re: X-Men Apocalypse News and Discussion

They are not going to retread the time frame of the original trilogy and age the FC cast another 15 years post late 80's. I don't care what new timeline they will introduce, they are not going to rehash old characters facing off against the same villains or B and C list villains in the early 2000's. They will have already covered most of the brand name villains once Apocalypse arrives.

That's why X-Force and Deadpool are rumored to be the next films in line. They probably won't involve OT actors or perhaps even classic characters. They will bring those characters back after they get a much needed rest, much like the OT got between the trilogy and DOFP. You have to leave audiences wanting more and you can't rehash the same things over and over again.

Frankly it's all a moot point until at least McAvoy signs for multiple movies. Otherwise I am going to consider Magneto and Xavier's arc largely complete, with 6 X-Men films in the bank. And without those guys, I don't see 20 something year old actors playing Cyke and Jean becoming the new leads in an X-Men franchise.

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