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Default Re: X-Men Apocalypse News and Discussion

I think regardless of box office success and stardom, actors want to branch out and try new stuff, and try to be true to their art. So actors will always want breaks in between these franchise films. Indefinite breaks. If I am Fox, I wouldn't even approach their agents for another legit go around until I have exhausted other potential characters and spinoffs. Of course I would at least make an inquiry if they'd be interested in returning after Apocalypse, but I wouldn't press them with immediate projects I have in my mind with their character versions. You got to be patient.

I don't think Fox pressed Jackman for anything after Origins. But Jackman put more blame on himself for Origins than the people ultimately responsible, and they took a long 4 years to finally make a competent Wolverine movie. So I think Fox should just be patient and let these actors do what they want to do. You still got X-Force and Deadpool to fall back on. They were patient with the OT and it took eight years to get DOFP, but it's still something.

How cool would it be if 15 years from now all four FC actors came back for another trilogy? I think the promise of that is more appealing than maybe one more set piece film in the franchise featuring them, potentially burning the actors out from this franchise for good.

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