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Default Re: What do you want from future Batman movies?

What do I want? Gotham as a true dystopia. The entire world actually. And Bruce is holding onto morals of world, that hasn't existed in years.

Cocaine is legalized. Prisoners are treat like kings. Advocates for pedophilia being made legal are nearly at a success. Crime that is considered evil by todays standards, is completely fine by a majority of the world in later years.

Crazy as that sounds, imagine a world like that, with Batman in it. The way society is heading today, I wouldn't be surprised if things do get like that one day. Today we legalize marijuana, tomorrow it could be heroin.
Pedophiles for Government officials. Criminals getting a lap of luxury in their prison cells.

I know it'd be crazy to see a society like that for Batman to tackle, but it'd be an interesting thing to see. Sort of like a Batman Beyond style thing.

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