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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Yeah it would seem that Thor needs Mjonir to fly in the films. In early Thor comics he couldn't fly without it either. He would throw the hammer while airborne and then catch it again as he descended. Even a scene like that I think would be really cool so count me firmly in the camp that wants to see more aerial fighting with Thor.

I think the dealbreaker for the people who hate on this film is whether you enjoyed the humor or not. I thought this was the funniest MCU film yet so it didn't feel forced to me whereas Iron Man 3, although I enjoyed it, seemed to try too hard. I do agree with the sentiment that the Avengers seems to have the best balance of humor and gravitas of all the films thus far. I'm looking forward very much so to Guardians of the Galaxy but I strongly suspect that a lot of people are going to be hating on it. Everybody's sense of humor is different. Me - I absolutely loved the subway scene in Thor 2. It was a favorite for me actually.

The other thing is we as the fans are not the only audience for these films. I took my wife to see Man of Steel and she nearly swore off CBMs completely. But I was able to convince her to give Thor: TDW a shot and she loved it. She enjoyed The Winter Soldier as well but did not care for the violence. She saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy and thought it looked cheesy. Not sure if I'll be able to get her to see that one. But the thing is not every film is going to be a home run with everybody.

I like that Marvel is mixing things up though. People accuse them of leaning towards too much humor and then boom - Winter Soldier. I think Age of Ultron is going to surprise us as well.

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