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Default Re: James Spader is Ultron!

Originally Posted by HUMANIMAL View Post
yeah true that..i don't remember it either...i just stumbled across this theory and kew i've read it on here as well so i thought about sharing...yet i still think it could be possible...the only machine of tony who wasnt being destroyed in the end of iron man 3...he was in every movie why.
so much attention too just a gimmick? you actually care for that thing, who tries but just fails cause of poor programming or so...why making that effort throughout the movie, i mean showing a relationship between those two. he is actually very replacable and they could have added some other gags.
The reason Tony loves Dum-E so much is because he was the very first bot Tony created when he was a kid. Naturally he's attached to the clumsy little guy. RDJ said that when he saw the bots on set and found out how ditsy they were, he made them his/Tony's friends. They're great for him to play against in scenes where Tony is alone in his workshop.

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