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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Nope every origin of the Joker shows him as a young guy, like Killing Joke, Batman Confidential and all that. Not a fifty something year old like Nicholson. In Killing Joke he even had a young wife who was preggers. Joker was never a pudgy old guy like Nicholson. Joker is a slim/skinny guy. Always has been.
That's just one comic, and it's never actually stated how old he is. He looks about 35-ish. Impossible to tell, really. And he has a young wife? So? Lots of older men hook up with younger women.

Joker has always been portrayed as wrinkly, anyway:

As for the 'skinny' issue - that's why they elongated Nicholson's chin with makeup prosthetics to make him look more gaunt.

Nobody complained about Romero because he didn't look his age. Nowhere near it.
We never saw Romero without the makeup.

Soz but that comic book panel you posted ain't Joker showing fear. "No it can't be true...and yet there it is" ain't a fearful response. Sounds like disbelief and then acceptance.
Well same thing that he had a fricken' gargoyle tied to his leg, dragging him to plunge 100 stories.

It was Nicholson playing himself as Joker that's why he was cast because peeps though the crazy Jack performances he was doing in movies like Shining and Witches of Eastwick and Cuckoo's Nest would be right for a movie Joker.
And yet, his performance was nothing like in The Shining, Cuckoo's Nest or Witches of Eastwick. This guy didn't win 3 oscars for nothing.

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