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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Directs Everything Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
I find that Snyder-haters tend to focus on what he does wrong, then look the other way when he does something right. "Watchmen is shallow"..compared to what, the book? "Man of Steel made Superman into a gritty antihero who wrecked Metropolis." I guess him saving the kids on the bus or devoting the better part of his life to helping people as a lonely drifter doesn't count. And Metropolis had the world engine unleashed upon it, and much of the fight is around the blast radius.

"DOTD isn't as deep as the original." Well, then watch the original. If remakes had the exact same obligations as originals, then all they are just big budget reshoots, rather than reinterpretations.

Zack is a flawed filmmaker who gets a disproportionate amount of hate.
Agreed with almost everything. I have to make clear a few things.
Nobody is perfect tarara Obviously he had its own isssues as any of the directors. Even Nolan is criticized by many, unfairly. But its part of his own style and Snyder's keeping his own style is what I'd call a great treat from a director.
From what I thank snyder and goyer, nolan is that they gave back Superman's balls again, making him relatable in this century. I guess that didn't go well with some people's desires of sticking to those things.

to those stupity on the "claims" on those movies. I guess when some see a real threat they always expect that the hero do everything besides to fighting to a uncontrollable force and no casualties with that big invasion. I guess someone missed the part when he saved besides all you've mentioned, Hardy, Lois (three times), the chopper guy, the family and of course all the world by first sacrificing him for the humans surrendering to Zod, and of course STOPPING THE WE. Many didn't notice also that while the destruction was happening Superman was on the other side of the world fighting for them. Another thing that really some can't understand is that in the damage of the fight we haven't seen any human casualties, cause all the events happened before and most of the buildings were empty (of course could be some but its a normal thing, we saw Zod launching Supes on the buildings to harm people. Yeah a easy thing to control right?) also when we saw Superman figthing Zod he always tried to do the less of damage and that is a Superman thing IMO). I mean when I saw these kind of ???? I'm like really did you watch the movie?

One thing I can really thank Snyder is he was made, he didn't born being the hero we fans love, and that was one of the most factual things I liked about it. And as some pal said here and some people can't get it is that this is the story where Kal/Clark is becoming SUPERMAN.

P.S. The comments are not directed to you Coco, but all the creators of that "things"


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