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Default Re: Wolverine 3 - March 3, 2017

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
I don't think they'd recast him immediately. It would just totally screw with continuity and what they've been doing. It wouldn't really be Wolverine 3, it would be The Amazing Wolverine.

He's likely just teasing us. He'll probably be back for at least another Wolverine and an X-Men film. Patrick Stewart hinted at something X-related down the line, would it really make sense after all the X-films and DOFP to have some schmuck playing Wolverine alongside Patrick Stewart as if they're old buddies? I think they're introducing Gambit to be the next Wolverine to distract people if Hugh wants to take a break or something.
It's possible he's just messing with people.reports have him set for third wolverine film which he kind of plays game with as far as admitting with people.

I still wonder why Bryan Singer would discuss Apocalypse with Hugh If he's not in film. Gambit may be to fill wolverine's void In Apocalypse If wolverine is not in it.

It's very possable Patrick Stewart Is mentioning third wolverine which may be loosly based on Old man logan will have to have x-men characters replace all the avengers characters In story and could take place after the ending of DOFP.

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