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Default Re: Wolverine 3 - March 3, 2017

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
The fact that you went from he could return for another to he is hiding the excitement that he would return for 3 more movies I think You are the one jumping to the conclusions, after wolverine 3 he will have played it 7 times already, while he says he isn't tired of the character yet he does acknowledge that at some point he has to stop

You can tell he is at that point where he has done it all as wolverine, judging by what he says about wolverine 3 he doesn't want just another film, he wants a new challenge as the character that can be better then the last
I'm not jumping into conclusions, I said "Might" while marvelrobbins said "will".

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
I don't think they'd recast him immediately. It would just totally screw with continuity and what they've been doing. It wouldn't really be Wolverine 3, it would be The Amazing Wolverine.

He's likely just teasing us. He'll probably be back for at least another Wolverine and an X-Men film. Patrick Stewart hinted at something X-related down the line, would it really make sense after all the X-films and DOFP to have some schmuck playing Wolverine alongside Patrick Stewart as if they're old buddies? I think they're introducing Gambit to be the next Wolverine to distract people if Hugh wants to take a break or something.
Yeah he's probably teasing us. If he's getting tired of playing Wolverine, he wouldn't have returned after Origins and he wouldn't be doing much promotion to the DOFP after just promoting The Wolverine last year.

And is there any actor who's in a franchise (that doesn't have an end date) that says they'll be back in the next 3 to 4 movies. No one. Its always a "maybe" "if the story is good" "I'd sign up if they ask me" "we talked about it". No one really says they are so sure about returning.

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