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Default Re: Rotten Tomatoes score? - Part 4

It's really confusing whenever I see someone give a rating. Everyone has their own different means of measuring a film's quality. A 5/10 score would be an average to someone and a disaster to someone else. That's why I think everyone should at first establish what each number on the scale means.

I rank my films on the following scale.

Great - 5/5. These are the crown jewels of the genre. The ones that execute everything (or almost everything) perfectly spot on. They are the best the genre has to offer and the films other directors/studios should take notes from.

Good - 4/5. There are a lot of stuff that are very well done and impressive, but the film lacks in certain specific areas and that hurts it overall. Those few areas being fixed is what would make it a great movie.

Average/ok - 3/5. Passable. Good enough to enjoy them, but there isn't much there. It's alright.

Bad - 2/5. They're poorly done. Overall, not that good.

Horrible - 1/5. The polar opposite to the "greats". They are the worst the genre has to offer. They're to be held as examples for what a film should never do.

A .5 decimals means I'm conflicted on which rank the film stands. But I usually try to stay away from decimals.

I'd give both Spider-Man 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man a "good" (4/5). Spider-Man 1 would get a 3/5. Then Spider-Man 3 gets a 2/5.

How I rate movies:

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