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Default Re: The Amazing Spiderman 2 - User Review Thread! - SPOILERS! - Part 4

I just saw this movie. I have a lot to say about it:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

The previous film in the Marc Webb series I felt was a 3/5 type effort. Overall good, but it had glaring problems that hurt the overall product. I feel it is important to note my overall score for last film for people looking at my review of this one. Going into this film, I felt they had a solid foundation for a sequel, despite some missteps. Unfortunately, this film squanders them, and the end result is an inferior sequel to a good but not great film.

The biggest problem is the main villain: Electro. He is by far the worst Spider-Man villain in a film. Yeah, Rhino was corny and hammed up, but he was in the movie a whole 2 minutes. Electro had a ton of screentime, and 90% of it is eye rollingly bad. Right from the very start of talking to Spider-Man alone in his home on his birthday, this character sucked. I have no idea how this material was deemed good enough for filming. I don't see how a director could approve this character. He is straight up cartoonishly terrible. They used a fairly generic character from the comics that they had an open canvas in which to craft this character, and THIS was Webb and co's vision? Just wow. I could see a Razzie nomination for this. He's that bad. The movie doesn't even take him seriously! His Electro theme song in the movie was like clown music. It was like they were laughing about how awful he was.

What makes Electro even worse is that Dehaan is really good. While he descends into evil fairly quickly, his character was engaging and well portrayed. This movie should have focused MORE on him. The movie was much better when he was on screen. I would say his one and only battle in the movie, it was far too brief. He was beaten way too easily. It had cool ideas with him gliding where there is nothing for the web shooters to attach to, but then it is over within 2 minutes. Dehaan will likely be involved in the series more down the line, but this film needed him more. Especially when the other villain he shared screentime with was as awful as he was.

I also had several problems with the story. Really quickly, they toss the ending of TASM aside and now we get a cliche will they/won't they story with Peter and Gwen. This is like SM3 when they forced problems on MJ and Peter just for the sake of it. It was jarring and unnatural in the progression. Granted, I hated the "Those are the best kind" line, but stick to your guns! Don't back track and retread the same ground! Also, the parent's subplot had a crappy ending. First off, all this was to hide Richard Parker's blookd makes the spider's work? Stupid, and once again, it makes Peter Parker destined to be Spider-Man, not a guy who had a twist of fate. No one else literally could be Spider-Man! Also, I can see why Oscorp wanted Norman out of the way. He dedicated billions of dollars into designing abominations of science with animal motifs for super villain purposes! I can see why that is perceived as poor business.

But, the movie isn't all bad. Andrew Garfield is excellent in the film. I had some nitpicks about certain scenes (like when he casually walks into traffic when meeting up with Gwen...thus causes a bumper to bumper in the background...out of character as was his lack of urgency to get to graduation as he toyed with Rhino and wasted precious time goofily). But he was overall great, and he truly embodies Spider-Man on the screen. As was Emma Stone. It is sad she dies in this movie and not a better one. It could have been truly epic if the movie was better. Sally Field's scenes were all great. I'd say she is an upgrade as Aunt May, though her and Rosemary Harris were both great. The film also offered plenty of great visuals and action scenes. I wish they did more with the Goblin when he was in the movie, but the other action scenes were excellent. The Spider-Man suit is also stunning. Has all the best elements of the Raimi suit, but the sleek physique of the Ditko era Spidey. Outstanding.

Overall, this movie is the very definition of mediocrity. While it has elements that are great, some moments and decisions bog this film down and ultimately culminate in the worst Spider-Man film we've had to date. In the hands of Marc Webb, this series will never shine. He took one of the masterpiece stories of the Spider-Man mythology, and somehow it resulted in the worst film of the series. That just shows his own mediocrity. This series needs a new direction.

2.5/5...maybe a 2/5

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