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Default Re: The Winter Soldier Thread

Originally Posted by Silvermoon View Post
Personally, I'm not so certain that WS was behind Howard & Maria's assassination. It was reported as a car accident and WS doesn't strike me as the type that they'd thaw out for a kill that was going to be staged and trumped up to an accident. He seems more straight forward than that and (to me) it seems like they'd mainly use him for kills that they want to be known as assassinations.

That's just my take on it (I acknowledge the MCU may prove me wrong)
That was my thought too, that causing a car accident seems like something any hitman could do and wouldn't require a trump card like the Winter Soldier. I mean I'm sure he's had to kill people in ways that looked like accidents before (his comics counterpart actually did that more often than not, if I recall) but it seems a bit risky to use him on someone as high profile as Howard Stark. Like you'd think that if it was somebody that famous the accident would be thoroughly investigated and the chances of someone discovering it was actually foul play are higher.

But I did hear from a girl on tumblr who attended an event at USC recently where the Russo brothers were talking to fans. She actually asked them directly about this and they said that yes, they were implying that it was the WS who killed the Starks. There's no video or official interview quote though, you'd just have to take that girl's word for it.

I guess it could be said that since it would be such a high profile death, the WS was the best man for the job because he's the least likely to make a mistake?

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