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Default Re: Captain America 3 Villian

Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
I would like to see more of Arnim Zola in his robot form. Perhaps he and Zemo together.

Zemo & Zola with Batroc and Crossbones as hired help.

An introduction to Radioactive Man towards end of movie as a bonus.
Again I don't think Radioactive Man as he was in most of the comics would work today. Radioactive Man seems to represent America's relationship with China in the 1960s and didn't have much character beyond generic commie villain who hates American super heroes, because he is a communist.

Ellis made him into a character who is a frienemy, not quite an ally, not quite an enemy, that presents the modern China Us relationship. Radioactive Man should be a Chinese patriot who's goals can be similar or in conflict with heroes like Captain America or Iron man, depending on the situation. He should be more of anti hero then a flat out villain.

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