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Default Re: The villain(s) of IM4 thread

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
The Mandarin still has the same problems he did before, he is a villain who many see as a ethnic stereotype and would be a hard sell to the Chinese market. Also for someone who supposed to be Iron Man's greatest villain, most of the great Iron Man stories do not involve him and there is no real interesting dynamics in their rivalry.
yeah but he's all Stark's got. he's the only Iron Man villain with the potential to be on the Red Skull or Loki's level. and ruthlessness shouldn't be an ethnic stereotype. if we're just talking about his look, that can change. nothing says that he has to wear a long flowing robe or a long mustache. he just has to be asian and be someone who could believabl kick Iron Man's rear. maybe he could, phenotypically, look asian but be a mishmash of several conquerors/generals of several cultures (like Serpentor). and you balance it out by having chinese heroes in the movie; alongside Tony.

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