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Default Re: Official Avengers 3 News & Speculation Thread!

Picture the scene.......

Kevin Feige's at the Comic Con Avengers panel 2016. He addresses the crowd.

"Yeah, we're super excited about this movie, it's all come together so well and after the success of Age of Ultron, I'm sure everyone and their grandma will be queing up around the block to see this too."

*Crowd laughs* (Ultron did $1.88bn at the boxoffice)

"With the 1st two Avengers movies and the solo outings, the process has become slicker and slicker for us to innovate. With the technology we're using and various new techniques we've developed, Marvel bring the movies you all enjoy watching and we love making."

*Crowd shout and cheer*

"For this 3rd Avengers movie, Marvel have surpassed themselves. I've spoken to many of our tech wizards and all of them say things are in place to bring the audience a very special movie experience."

*Whoops and cheers echo around the room*

"Marvel wants ofcourse to make this special, give the characters and the story an appropriate ending if you like, although the MCU will continue for many, many years to come as you probably know.

So the question was, what could we do? Some people said make the 3rd Avengers a two parter, 1st movie in May, 2nd one in December.

Sounded ok but that's been done before and after all the solo outings our heroes have had, a 2 part movie seemed unnecessary.

So we decided to make it a trilogy instead."

*Crowd goes crazy*

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