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Default Re: wat if they built up to x men, like avengers?

I don't think solo movies would be right,

Personally I would love a reboot with X1 focusing on the original 5 X-men from the comics against the brotherhood, ending with the X-men trapped on an island just like in the comics. (Could make the island the Savage Land)

X2 you bring in the second genesis team to rescue the first, the first team quits except for Cyclops and a new X-Men team is born, maybe have sinister and the Marauders as antagonists.

Then in the 3rd and most likely final film it would be both X-men teams, the brotherhood and a few new faces facing off against Apocalypse.

It could feature and tease Apocalypse right from the first movie all leading up to the 3rd movie, that would be a build up I would like to see.

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