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Default Elimination Game Round 2-Heroes

Congrats to Cap on his win in the first round.
For this round I am leaving out the main 6 Avengers and focusing on more obscure members. I will make one thread focusing on heroes, and one focusing on the villains. You guys know the drill. Only post once per day in each thread please.

Wasp (10)
Black Panther (10)
Hank Pym (10)
Ms Marvel (10)
Wonder Man (10)
Hercules (10)
Tigra (10)
Black Knight (11)+1
Moondragon (10)
Swordsman (10)
Monica Rambeau (10)
Mantis (10)
StarFox (9)-1
She-Hulk (10)
Mockingbird (10)
Edwin Jarvis (10)
Falcon (10)
Namor (10)


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