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Default Re: "Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca-Cola?" - The Original Cast Thre

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
They are still giving vague answers on everything. Wish they would be a little more concrete and show some commitment to something.
Exactly. Look at what they have been saying for Deadpool since 09. They are still talking about it. They wont flat out say we are going to disappoint fans or vice versa and give them everything they want. Cause right now there's too much going on and talk. OT films, FC films, Mystique, Gambit, Wolverine 2, Deadpool, X-Force etc. Have we ever heard them rule anything out? Original members can or will show up in any one of those.

At least they sounded a bit more confident on solos happening. The most assuring thing was when they said "definitely some solos". And "Deadpool will eventually punch his way to screen". But then she added "I Think" with Deadpool. Which is still extremely vague on if or when it will happen. Nothing new.

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