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Default Re: Should Bucky become Captain America after CA3/Avengers3?

We all know it worked well for many when Bucky was Cap for a short while in the comics but the MCU are a different type of media to do that thing, it would be weird, the movies are well established with Steve Rogers as Cap, and that is how it should stay in the films.
I do have to say though that if Marvel studios want to keep making more movies with Cap and Evans is not up for it after Avengers 3, then it would be convenient they did a proper exit for Steve as Cap and have Bucky replace him, though I´m not convinced Sebastian as Bucky, has the presence to lead a movie as Cap, but it is better than recasting another actor to play Steve. Not that other superheroes haven´t been played by 10 different actors, but with MCU the characters are too attached to the actors playing them and defined by them, so if they were to re-cast Steve, they should wait 10 years at least to give a time; in the meantime they have so many other superheroes to make movies about... but I´m sure going to miss it too much when I don´t see more Cap films with Evans or IM films with RDJ

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