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Default Re: who is Kim Soo Hyun Playing?

Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
You are probably correct on this one:

I think that officially narrows it down to Su Yin or Suzi Endo.

I'm hoping for the latter since there is considerable story/background and more long-term MCU impact due to Kim's age. Per the Cybermancer bio, she ties into Mandarin, Ultron, Civil War, High Evolutionary, and potentially other cosmic properties like GOTG (and perhaps Silver Surfer if the rights ever happen to revert).

Su-Yin is just kind of simple with her established background to date. However, the neuro-surgeon aspect would fit very well with Tony Stark's anxiety/PTSD and the creation of Ultron.

Regardless, I just want to see a strong and significant Asian character and performance. I really dislike racial stereotypes.

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