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Default Re: Should Bucky become Captain America after CA3/Avengers3?

I think that one of the biggest obstacles facing this idea, from the audience's POV anyway, is the issue of death in the MCU in general. Let's not forget that in the comics, Steve (obviously) didn't die; that was all some hokey, elaborate...time displacement mind swap plot from the Red Skull. I...have my doubts as to whether they'd even be willing to go down a similar road for the movies, but the idea of Steve coming back after the audience was lead to believe that he perished would be a tough sell, all things considered. So far, we've had Coulson, Bucky, Loki, and Fury either brought back or fake their own deaths, and each time, the audience was never in on it. Hell, nobody believes that the Red Skull is dead, and an argument could even be made for Killian.

All I'm saying is that if they're going to go down this road, they had better consider the ramifications of losing Steve Rogers for the duration of the MCU, which is apparently planned out until 2028, and will surely continue beyond that if the money keeps rolling in. On the other hand, if their plan is to bring him back, then it needs to be a very well written, cleverly orchestrated chain of events, otherwise it won't resonate with the audience after getting bamboozled so many times.

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