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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Great post. They should play that after the credits start.

The best way I would describe the situation is two fold:
In The Winter Soldier, when cap is fully engaged with his equal(and not green), he's no longer in his run around saving people mode that he was during the avengers. Like superman, it begs the question as to why. Did he all of a sudden stop caring about the exploding cars with innocents inside? Stop being someone that puts the little guy first? Or was he simply and obviously otherwise incapacitated.
There was a scene in which he was shot off a bridge by a rocket launcher and lands in a bus..when the equivalent happens to superman people simply can't appreciate the context. Which is a shame.

Secondly, by turning on the gravity beam and not simply threatening to do so, it would be like Hydra turning on those helicarries and firing upon the USA/World and cap having to do his thing after the fact.
A different approach was employed by snyder/goyer. They just chose the wrong character to it with if they wanted fans to appreciate it.
Either way, hardly the in film characters fault.

Yo ! Thanks dude. Very kind of you to say.

Nice analogy between WS helicarriers and the Gravity beam. Yeah, that's exactly what it would have been like. In some ways I kind of wished they had turned on at least one of them, just to make the ending a bit less tidy - as in maybe Cap and his buddies couldn't stop them all.

Cap totally couldn't save anyone when he was engaged with WS, his equal as you say, because he was fighting for his life.

I still like how Goyer/Snyder/Nolan went with MOS though, mostly because I think they were trying to show us what would really happen if Superman had to fight some bad guys of a similar ability level in downtown, things would get broken ! Total delivery on that point.

You're probably right about part of the fan base. It's a pretty big departure from Superman the Movie, in which he gets a cat out of a tree, to Man of Steel, in which he breaks someone's neck with his bare hands - quite a change in tone as well as action. It worked for me, but I can understand why it didn't for some.

cheers !

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