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Default Lana Lang in this DC UNIVERSE. Who would you cast for following movies?

For the things we saw in MOS, Lois is gonna be the love of Supe's life. But what about Lana? We see snippets that indicated that Lana was close to Clark (You know the closest besides Pete eventhought The Kents didn't want to play with other childrens. we saw Pete was a pretty good friend on the scene of bullying after he was saved by Clark) and one of the few that knows his secret. If we can see flashbacks of their childhood or even better their puberty, teenage life along with some scenes on the present involving Clarks-Lana friendship (and we see the feelings Lana has for Clark eventhought Clark loves Lois)
I think it could be interesting for a Supes solo movie and develop the friendship that he had with her and bring more spice to the yet developed Supes-Lois relationship (after BvS and probably JL). And you know a little of jelaous of Lois will be good.

We had this girl for Lana, she can come back for the flashback scenes.

Who would you cast for an adult Lana?


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