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Default Re: Lana Lang in this DC UNIVERSE. Who would you cast for following movies?

The Lana they have in the new 52 is the best version of the character in any medium IMO. She's a smart, good hearted engineer who trots around the globe, going into hot areas and volunteering her expertise.
I can totally see the heroic, globe trotting lana connecting with the superheroic glob trotting CK/superman who also happens to be boy who saved her life back in Smallville. Basically two heroes finding common ground.
What I don't want to see is a love triangle between lana, lois and Clark because that would be cheesy and cliched (the pre-crisis comics milked that story to death).

As for Michelle Monaghan, well she's always been my pick for Lois but I really like her in any role and would welcome her as lana.

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