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Default Re: Godzilla (2014) - - - Part 12

Bryan Cranston pumps this film full of heart in the first act ....... and then it goes on life support after he dies.

The whole 2nd act is literally mindlessness as Aaron Taylor-Johnson is conveniently whisked around the globe, ultimately to end up as a cheap plot device. Other issues I had:

- Elizabeth Olsen's character could've been cut out completely and it wouldn't have affected the movie one bit
- I think a piece of dead wood would've played a better military captain than Richard T. Jones
- They spent too much time building up the MUTOS backstories and only glossed over Godzilla's, basically rendering it down to a blurt by Ken Watanabe's character
- The fight sequences lacked any creativity

I give Gareth Edwards credit for not gratuitously flooding us with Godzilla .... but man did he make some strange editing choices by cutting away from the fights three times early in the movie. It lessened the impact and the end result was comedic. They should've just not fought at all until the third act IMO. By the way the score was absolutely dreadful. It was to the point where it was taking me out of the movie because it was so cheesy and distracting.

If ATJ was able to carry the middle portion of the movie with some quality writing to back him up, I would've felt a little better about what I was watching. But man, it was just cornball stuff with the military (outside of the HALO jump). ATJ became the most "conveniently" placed man alive during most of the movie.

This movie seems like something that was pumped out quickly in order to preserve character rights.

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