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Default Re: Should a new Popeye film see the light of day?

I would, maybe, like a CGI movie.

Fun Swedish Fact:

In the northern part of Sweden we have a very popular burger-joint chain named after Wimpy, or as he's called over here: "Frasse"

I see that they have changed their logo. When i last visited their restaurant, long time ago, their logo had Wimpy/Frasse in it. Guess the copyright hounds finally caught up with them.

Also, the scene, in the Robin Williams movie, where Popeye fights the squid gave me nightmares as a kid. Hmm, i seem to remember a squid scene from Dr. Doolittle too, the one with Rex Harrison, not the Eddie Murphy one. That one was kinda scary too. what can i say, giant squids was my worst fear!

Couldnt find the Popeye squid scene on Youtube, but i found this:

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:

Glad they cut that out. I would have pooped myself back then!

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