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Default Re: Kryptonian Physiology in Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
I'd say that we're overthinking it because I don't think it holds up to scrutiny. Jor-El talks about factors why Kal-El is powerful and he mentions that Earth has a lower gravity. That's irrelevant since his abilities very obviously have nothing to do with gravity. He can accelerate in midair and in space. Gravity is also something you acclimate to and lower gravity makes you much weaker, not stronger, except for a short while when you transition (which means that if anything the other Kryptonians would have been stronger).
Actually I think his abilities had a lot to do with gravity. When a person goes to the moon the lower gravity allows them to jump higher and lift more weight. Something too heavy to lift on Earth could feel light on the moon.
Krypton had much, much higher gravity than Earth. Judging by the effects of the world engine, people from Earth would be crushed under their own weight when on Krypton. Their mass would increase to the point where they become structurally unstable and just flatten into the ground, like the cars we saw being destroyed.
Kryptonian bodies are built strong and dense enough to withstand the gravity there, which is the equivalent of supporting multiple tonnes pushing down on you at all times. This accounts for at least part of the reason why Superman is much stronger than humans and why his body is more durable than steel.

This is why Faora and the other Kryptonians had the ability to throw cars and leap hundreds of meters through the air while they were in suits which completely protected them from Earth's atmosphere and the yellow sun. The exposure to the atmosphere and yellow sun is what allows Kryptonians to have heat vision, levitation and enhanced senses (like x- ray vision), and it may enhance their strength and durability too but their Kryptonian bodies are already equipped to support multiple tonnes and jump hundreds of meters just because of the fact that they are adapted to the gravity on Krypton.

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