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Default Re: Tom Welling - Clark Kent/Superman : The Man Behind The Cape

Originally Posted by vantheman77 View Post
Seeing these photoshop pics is only a look at what could have been if TW played a full Superman. With Henry Cavill doing a better job, I'm over TW not wearing the full suit.

As for life after Smallville, I'd love to see TW play one of the Duke boys from the Dukes of Hazzard or a Terminator.
Yeah, I think the days of fans petitioning for Welling to play Superman in the movies are gone. That boat has long sailed. Still cool to see what he could have been like in the suit if SV had done it properly though.

I could buy him in a Dukes role and it would be a nice nod to his onscreen SV father, John Schneider. Not sure about a Terminator though, I think Tom has too much of a nice/good guy look about him for it.

I'd actually like to see him in a proper action/thriller movie, maybe playing a Bourne-type agent or the like. Something with decent fights and plenty of physicality. He's a big guy, and still young enough and well built enough to be convincing in a role like that.

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