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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - - - - - Part 21

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
Amen to that.

I've been waiting so long for a Batman like this to grace the silver screen.

We had a suit/suits that made "sense" for almost a decade and even longer if you take the Burton and Schumacher era into account too.

Realism aside I've wanted a suit with complete visual fidelity to the medium for years and Snyder has finally given that to me and for that I'm thankful.
Exactly... Pre-Nolan? This argument wouldn't exist ... Now that the character goes gone in to the "realism" zone?
Some want everything to be explainable..
To have some form of explanation on how, or why it is wrong in the "real" world?
I don't need/ want it to always make sense.. I have wanted it to look like the pages that I read, and turn.. And it does just that..
Can't wait to see this in action..

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