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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - - - - - Part 21

Originally Posted by BatmanVSuperman View Post
Nolan's real world approach was good, but I'm glad to see a more superhero realm that this Batman can fit into.
Does anyone really think the Nolan films would have suffered significantly singly on the basis of Bale having worn something resembling the BvS batsuit? I never believed it was impossible to explain the "traditional" look even in the Nolanverse... or even that it was that hard of thing to do or needed any more reasoning than was given the nomex suit. Hell, not painting the nomex suit black would have saved you half the trouble - just slap a bat on the chest and off you go. I said at the time, and maintain to this day, that had Nolan showed us this batsuit, none but a few would have been clamoring for another black rubber suit and that the film series would have been no less successful.

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