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Originally Posted by danagirl42 View Post
It is not that simple. Redeeming Rogue is about more than just giving her someone else's powers for for a minute or two . The problem a lot of people had with her was her behavior and characterization. If you can't get the writing and acting right for her she can have all the superpowers in the world and it still won't work. Why do you think they gave Halle Berry so much grief about Storm, who was fully load? I would add January Jones as Emma Frost to that list, too.

Plus, it was more compelling in the end to see old Magneto and Professor X (played by two great old pros), who have been to hell and back with each other for over 60 years, together and saying what could have been their final words to each other.
Agree to disagree but I really liked what they did with Rogue in X1. I thought her relationship with Logan was the heart of the movie, and it was both sweet and something you really rooted for them to overcome in. She ended the movie a victim of Magneto's and in the second she was getting stronger and standing up for herself more but was still cracking under pressure.

For me the answer was not her flying or being just more like the comic. It was her overcoming her insecurity about herself and her ability. That was ruined by X3 when she gave into it and both sought and got the cure. Worse still, Wolverine acted like he didn't give a crap what happened to her and shrugged it off.

Redemption would have been showing her in 2023 as battle hardened but strong. A survivor and a hero, who could even have (for expediency's sake) knowing looks to Logan and Iceman who is now with Kitty, but her comfortable with herself.

In this context, if she was able to take Magneto's powers (the man who first wronged her) and use them for good without hesitation in the face of almost certain destruction?

Yes, I do think it would have redeemed her for X3. Because I thought X3 should have been her growing comfortable in her own skin and growing independent. They could have done that in a handful of scenes in DOFP. And honestly, not how it was written. The idea of her being a counterbalance to Kitty was a bad idea from the word go, which is probably why it got cut, sadly enough.

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