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Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Agree to disagree but I really liked what they did with Rogue in X1. I thought her relationship with Logan was the heart of the movie, and it was both sweet and something you really rooted for them to overcome in. She ended the movie a victim of Magneto's and in the second she was getting stronger and standing up for herself more but was still cracking under pressure.

For me the answer was not her flying or being just more like the comic. It was her overcoming her insecurity about herself and her ability. That was ruined by X3 when she gave into it and both sought and got the cure. Worse still, Wolverine acted like he didn't give a crap what happened to her and shrugged it off.
I agree with this segment 100%. It's what got me to be a fan of the X-Men movies (the first two anyways) I'm going to be honest, I never watched the cartoons and I never picked up a comic. I went into X1 with a completely open and fresh mind, and the rapport that was developed between Wolverine and Rogue was my favorite aspect. I loved how he found a sense of belonging finally after being on the road for so long, all because of one innocent 16ish young girl. And I loved how in X2, although he was trying to protect her and the other kids during the government takeover, she refused to leave her best friend behind. That was true team work in those few scenes, and I loved it. And you're right, X3 came and messed it all up. I wouldn't have mind that she was entertaining the idea of the cure, but she should have done what Ben Foster did, have second thoughts and walked out on the procedure.

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