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Default Re: Say something positive about The Last Stand

I'm an X3 hater through and through. I will admit though there are a couple of sequences in the movie showing Magneto and other characters' powers that are undeniably cool.

The first is the scene where Magneto 'rescues' Raven. His destruction of the caravan is epic.

The other scene that stands out is the scene where the **** hits the fan for Xavier. The couple of things I liked about that scene were the Storm power demonstrations, and the fight between Juggernaut and Wolverine. When Juggernaut throws Wolverine through the living room ceiling and he then falls through the ceiling in the other room was great.

Again, these are isolated scenes which is reflective of the way that Rattner threw the film together. Instead of having a vision of a solid foundation to the film, he had more of an episodic vision that was characterized by a series of vignettes that didn't have enough common threads. The exemplory example of what a disatrous approach this was was the glaring timing error of the golden gate bridge sequence. One second it's day, then all of a sudden it's night. TERRIBLE!

An honorable mention is the speech Magneto gives in the church at the beginning. It was spot on Magneto!

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