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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Season 1 is in the books, so let me give some quick observations.

The good:

*The animation is outstanding

*The Cabal is made up of villains new to animation, like Hyperion. Marvel didn't fall back on the usual suspects.

*Mojoworld was well done, as was Latveria. It was also nice to see the Wrecking Crew.

*The villain in the finale has possibilities.

The bad:

*The plot device of pitting the Avengers against one another has been done to death on this show.

*Neither Hulk or Thor are portrayed as particularly powerful.

*Captain America seems wary of decision-making, which is totally out of character.

*Avengers Tower gets destroyed almost every episode.

*Hulk comes off like a petulant child far too often. His EMH portrayal of the surly, reluctant hero was better.

*Hawkeye doesn't offer much other than cornball jokes, much like A-Bomb on AOS.

*Despite other heroes showing up from time to time (like the GotG), they are nowhere to be found when the Red Skull forms the Cabal and takes control of the existence-threatening Tesseract.

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