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Default Re: The Official Scarlet Witch Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
it's true, but it's also how I imagine other countries feel when we don't take dialect into account.
There's like at least a dozen different Southern accents, then midwestern, upper midwestern(almost canadian), southern and northern New Englander, Californian, and I could go on.
So when I see a middle stater portrayed by a Brit with a New Yawwkk accent, it's definitely pretty grating, and hilarious

but anyways, eastern european?? screw it, nobody will care if it's a little off
and I'm sure Olsen and ATJ will pull it off fine
As a New Yorker it can be grating and hilarious to hear most so called Noo Yaaawk accents in media. NY is definitely not NJ and NYC isn't the same as Upstate NY or even Long Island. Within the city not only does each borough have it's own accent but neighborhood accents differ. And a big difference among all is usually education and and yes class. This is true of most neighborhoods, states, areas or countries. Then there are those people who gasp move between states, countries and classes who have melded accents.

Even the generic Newscaster accent can tilt more toward East or West coast than the old Midwest standard.

It's usual and understanable for people to be more attuned to the differences in accents and dialects of their own area and far less perceptive of the differences for those no their own.

I think actors tend to have an ear and tongue for accents or they don't. Some are naturals and others never get it completely right no matter how hard they practice. And it's not dependent on how good they are at actually acting which in the end is more important than being a good mimic.

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