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Default Re: Official Rate and Review DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

My thoughts after finally seeing this on Monday .....

There are a lot of convenient things that happen in this movie, with very little explanation ..... they either just are or just happen, with little to no prior development (some of it because of Singer's intent to retcon):
  • Kitty Pryde suddenly being able to manipulate time.
  • Eric and Mystique conveniently showing up in important locations midway thru the 2nd act and into the 3rd, one of which was one Eric was aboard the train merging metal into the Sentinels. Actually for most of the movie they're easily getting whisked around to where the plot needed them.
  • I still don't understand how Eric was able to command the Sentinels' artificial intelligence, technically he should've only had control over their bodies.
  • Beast conveniently having set up a newsroom taping all three networks and then his gizmo for messing with the security systems at the Pentagon. The most well-guarded building on the planet sure seemed easy-breezy for the group to waltz into.
  • Beasts formula sure did a damn good job restricting Charle's powers, but such a poor job of his own, which was why it was made in the first place
  • Trasks grudge with the Mutants just happens. There was no real reason to fear them and become "the new war" ...... until that scene in Paris, but even then was that situation so becoming of declaring war on this new sub-species?
  • The future sentinels being able to replicate mutant powers even though Mystique is not able to do that and it's her DNA that gave them that ability.

Surprisingly this movie didn't have quite the amount of "throwaway" characters I initially thought it might. The nostalgia of the 70's was fun. The movie has a slightly rocky shift from jokes to dead-on serious once Wolverine locates Charles and they break Eric out, but the exchanges between Eric and Charles are what drive the emotions of this film .... especially that scene on the plane. The Quicksilver scene was fun, but makes literally no sense why a mutant with that kind of power wouldn't have been taken a long for the rest of the ride. I thought the end scene when Wolverine wakes up was perfectly sentimental in all the right ways. It's the kind of thing most people have day dreamt about at one time or another when it comes to changing their pasts.

I'm quite bored of the war on mutants story though. I thought the future Sentinels designs were poor compared to their 70's counterparts (would've preferred to see much more of them). Speaking of the future, can they please stop suiting these guys up in that ugly black pleather? While this movie takes off emotionally, the action scenes were lackluster, most of which consisted of Mystique beating up on defenseless extras. For being the only guy who could travel back in time, Wolverine essentially became an onlooker for most of the movie.

I give it a 7.0 - 7.5 ..... The first trailer that came out wasn't lying, this movie was attempting to show a more emotional side of the franchise. The issue for me is it became a little too brooding, which caused some of the movie to drag for me. I'm actually more interested to see what happens with Apocalypse, because it's a fresher story to tell.

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