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Default Re: Magneto and the Brotherhood? (Spoilers)

I Don't think mystique will be part of magnetos brotherhood in apocalypse she is likely to be a loner in the next one again, so its hard to say who will be apart of it, we know quicksilver will have a bigger role but are they going to bring in Scarlett witch too? Or are they going to sneak around her again

Toad defo seems a possibility though, I am not sure about sabertooth because we have kinda had 2 versions of the character and to use one of them means you are either acknowledging or ignoring origins and they have yet to make it clear either way, they are sorta just trying not to remind people to much of origins

Not sure about havok,ink and spikey guy though, were they there to set something up or just random picks to use for a small scene

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