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Default Re: Captain America 3 Villian

Captain America:TFA and Iron Man are probably my favorite MCU films behind The Avengers, but I'm still pissed about how they handled the Red Skull conflict here. It just feels so unresolved. I really feel that Red Skull HAS to come back, he has to be the primary villain of the third film.

I feel that Zemo and a MASKED Crossbones should both be involved too though. .

My vote would be for Zemo and Crossbones, with Red Skull revealed to be pulling the strings..The third film should emphasize why Red Skull is Captain America's nemesis.

I don't care if Hugo Weaving comes back or not. If he's going to be that unappreciative about playing such an iconic character with so much history... then get rid of him. He was great as Red Skull, but a lot of what made that character work was the writing and the makeup/wardrobe. There are plenty of other actors that could play the role just as well.

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