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Default Re: Nightcrawler in the Apocalypse Movie

^ Ok, let me recalulate based on your input:

Oh, let me first admit that some of my calculations were based on what I was guessing for an age when we saw them. For example, I guessed that Jean was 15 or so when Professor X and Mags went to visit her. I guess that Havok was around 18 years in Vietnam and didnt think about how old he was during First Class. Etc...

Ok, I had Jean at 15-ish in 1985. You say she was 12 in 1981. Ok, higher math here... Carry the 1... And I guess that makes her...

16 in 1985, right? So how am I not right on this one? I guess you actually agree with me since I put her at 15-ish (that "ish" means a lot and should definitely account for being off by 1 year)...

Next I indicated Mystique's age as early 40's in 1985. I based that on the fact that she appeared to be around 18 during First Class. (18 in 1962, add 23 years to get to 1985, and I had her at 41). But you indicated that she was only 2 years younger than Charles. I guess I missed that when I saw First Class. She seemed more than just 2 years younger than Charles, but anyway, going with what you provided, that would make Mystique:

51 in 1985, but as I indicated, that doesn't matter since I added "her power keeps her young looking"... (which means that JLAw can still play her and look the same)

Next, I put Havok at 30-ish in 1985. You indicate that he was 17 in 1962. I was calculating his age based on him being 18 or so during DOFP, which was almost 10 years after First Class. But you're right on his one, that because he was 17 in 1962 during First Class that makes him almost a decade older than what I indicated. That puts him around:

40 in 1985. Nice job! At the same time I indicated that I hope Havok isn't in the movie, so it wouldn't have mattered...

Though now, seeing that he'd be 40 in 1985, I will say it would be interesting to make Havok Scott's Uncle, so that we could actually have a younger brother for Scott, who would go by the same codename as his Uncle... Which would make Havok possible for a future X-Factor movie.

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